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  • Ship accessories

    Anchor is a major part of the anchorage device. By the iron/steel ships anchor device through the cable connected to the ship, will anchor behind the bottom so that the stability of the ship.

  • Heavy duty marine cast steel ac-14 hhp stockless anchor

    Heavy duty marine cast steel ac-14 hhp stockless anchor

  • 30T Wire rope pulling electric winch for boat

    Marine winch can be designed to electric or hydraulic winch, single drum or double drum, multiple drum according to customer's needs.

  • Marine stud link anchor chain

    Marine anchor chain use for various projects, such as shipbuilding, overhead lifting , dragging , chain slings, machine manufacturing, electric power, petroleum and port.

  • Marine Search Light

    Applied to far distance illumination and searching when night navigation, especially for illumination of sea-route and two banks and surface search when across the complex water area, such as narrow channel and the inland river river-way etc.

Marine mooring equipment

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Marine electric equipment

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